Prophetess Caroline Amankwaah carries different type of graces and different mantles of the fivefold Ministry, which rest upon her life. She always moves with the burden in her heart to win souls for Christ Jesus as an Evangelist.

She is an authentic prophetess as she carries the calling of an eyeopener and a ground breaker, pushing barriers with dynamic in her generation. By Gods special grace she also carries the Apostolic unction in firm & strategically structures with the foundation for leaders and ministries.

She is the overseer of ANHA Churches and she is the wife of the general overseer Apostle Elisha Amankwaah. Together with her husband, Apostle Elisha Amankwaah they are the founders of the ever-growing ANHA Churches around the globe and is a well-seasoned prophetess in the Kingdom of God.


She is the founder of Kingdom Arts Academy which stands for everything from dance to music and from music to acting. Her unique dance ministry has been a ground breaker for generations. As she has ministered in dance ministration in Ambushment Europe – Rev. Eastwood Anaba, The Treshings Floor – Dr. Juanita Bynum and Belgium Revival – Dr. Sunday Adelaja. She is first to received an Award for her dance ministry in Europe from Praise Manifest Awards Europe in The Netherlands.

She is the visionary of The Chronicles Conference, a conference where the focus is placed on women, and where their voice from the past and from hidden places can be heard. She received an Global Award from USA in UK in supporting women ministry as the only one from The Netherlands.


She is the visionary of the Kingdom Life Class, a platform by which she teaches on how to have domain over your path and on how to have value over your life by means of living a valuable Kingdom Lifestyle in the Kingdom of God.

She also is a Singer and received an Honorium Award in Italy from the Constantina Academia & Faya Lobi for her album ‘I want more’.

At last, but not least Prophetess Caroline is also an Author from a collaboration Book of The Prophetic Ethics with Dr. Lovella Mogere from USA and she represents as the only voice from Europe, The Netherlands.



making disciples

Training is crucial for
identifying your ministry calling and gaining divine wisdom.
Get trained to step forward
with clarity in your



kingdom building

There are many ways to win souls, but some do more harm than good. To truly help others, you must prioritize their healing and express your love for them as you do for God.



aligning to GOd rules

God is preparing young people for
their promised future in the 21st century, but they must believe in it and be prayed for and prepared to fulfill
Joel 2:27-28.


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