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Kingdom Life Class Mentorship 2024

Intricacies for your Kingdom Life Mentorship 2024, where empowerment meets enlightenment! This transformative program is designed to guide you through the intricacies of life, focusing on the essential pillars that form the foundation of your journey:

  1. Kingdom Ethics in Ministry
  2. Rulership & Domains
  3. Resolving & Reforcing Kingdom Finance
  4. Kingdom Principles & Policies

Embark on this empowering journey as we unlock the keys to unleashing your potential. Join us in forging a path towards a brighter, more fulfilling future. Are you ready to embrace the wisdom encapsulated within these four transformative topics? Your journey to empowerment begins now!



Hello there. I’m so happy you dropped by.

Introducing Prophetess Caroline Amankwaah, an authentic and seasoned servant of Christ, carrying different graces and mantles of the fivefold ministry. She is the overseer of ANHA Churches and founder of Kingdom Arts Academy, breaking barriers with her unique dance ministry. She is also a visionary of The Chronicles Conference and Kingdom Life Class, teaching how to live a valuable Kingdom lifestyle. Get ready to be inspired and transformed by her powerful leadership and ministry.


Our Mission

My mission is to equip, educate and empower leaders, ministries & individuals to live a valuable Kingdom lifestyle by providing a platform for teaching, training, and transformation through the ANHA Churches, Kingdom Arts Academy, The Chronicles Conference, and Kingdom Life Class.


Our Vision

My vision is to see individuals, families, communities, and nations transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, living out their purpose and destiny as they embrace a valuable Kingdom lifestyle.


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life Quote

Seek first his kingdom & his righteousness..

and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Jesus Christ



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